Make Money From Doing Surveys

One thing I want to stress right from the outset is that this is NOT a “get rich quick scheme”. There is no such thing, and believe me when I say I’ve searched for one. In fact what I found probably won’t make you rich at all. But it WILL make you some very useful, low stress, low time-commitment EXTRA money you can use for anything.

If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about by now, which is how to make money from doing surveys. It sounds deceptively easy. And it is. There are literally thousands, if not millions, of companies that really need your opinion on their products and services and are prepared to pay for it.

The problem is – and unfortunately there are always problems, with whatever you do, but I prefer to call them challenges – that it is extremely time-consuming to trawl through search engines in order to find the companies that need information from you NOW, and to sift through the massive number of scams and fake sites operating in this marketplace, who will take your money without a second thought and deliver absolutely nothing.

There are different approaches to meeting this challenge, but for me they fall into making one of two very simple choices.

The first is to register, free, with companies that will, they say, regularly send you links to a list of commercial enterprises who are surveying at any particular time. Many are legitimate but there are quite a few rogue operators too. Plus, because these companies work on a no-cost (free) basis, they’re really just massive databases which match personal details – yours – to available surveys. They don’t have the finances or resources to vet the companies they recommend or the available surveys, so you could end up spending hours filling a detailed survey for nothing or peanuts.

Quite often too, again because the database you registered with is a free one, and therefore under-resourced, you find yourself spending the first 15 minutes or more of each survey putting all your details in. This is tedious, unpaid work, and you have no way of knowing how your personal details are going to be used. Indeed, it is believed that some companies don’t really have any surveys, they’re just after your data.

The second choice, and my preferred option, is to register with a credible company – which takes all your information once during the registration process, and securely retains it. The company then passes you legitimate survey leads, based on the preferences you input during the registration process, and you go ahead and complete them. Once the survey is completed, you get paid. Simple idea, simple process, easy money.

However, finding a credible company to register with can also be a nightmare. And unfortunately their websites look very little different to the scammers; they’re all a bit ‘hypey’ – it seems to go with the territory. You just need to be careful, and use a bit of common sense. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

That’s it! If you need more detailed info on how to make money from doing surveys online you can visit this website for more. Like anything, it works if you do. Nothing is for nothing, but it’s a great way to supplement your income. Better still you can do it from home, and it’s flexible enough to fit round your lifestyle.

Tips on Choosing a Commercial Cleaning Service

You need a cleaning service, but with so many options, it can be hard to know who to chose.

There are qualifications of a good cleaning service that will help you choose a service that will serve you well and provide the exact service you need.

Here are five essential factors in choosing a commercial cleaning company.

ONE: Before you look to any company for any other reason, you have to know when you need the cleaning done and when you can have them begin and need them to finish. If a company seems to be unavailable for a quick turnaround you need, they are not the service for you.

TWO: Do you need any special services? Find out the specific services offered by each company. You need a company that can professionally perform every task necessary. Weed out the general companies that waste your time and money.

THREE: How often do you need the services? Search for a company that is not just available the first time, but that can repeatedly be there for your cleaning needs and provide the highest quality service every time you need it.

FOUR: What is your budget for a commercial cleaning service? This is one of the most important of the five tips for choosing a commercial service, but it is fourth because you cannot let your budget allow you to choose a commercial cleaning service that won’t be able to meet your needs. Never select a company just because they are cheaper.

This brings us to the most important of all your considerations in the five tips on choosing a commercial cleaning service.

FIVE: What level of customer service do they provide? Are they friendly, courteous, and helpful when you make inquiries and investigate costs estimates and services offered? Or are they abrupt salepeople with no interest in the quality of your service. No matter how good a cleaning service might be, a dirty attitude soils the deal.

The order of the five tips on choosing a commercial cleaning service are as important as the steps.

Know when you will need the company to begin and finish the cleaning services. Not only will eliminate the commercial cleaning services that cannot perform what you need, but it will help the cleaning service more accurately answer your other questions if they know a timeline for the services they would need to initially provide.

Once you know when you need a commercial cleaning service, you have to know what you need them for. Look for professionals with experience and credentials to ensure the highest quality of service.

Knowing when you need your first service and what it is will help you to know when you will need commercial cleaning services again. This also helps to give a more accurate forecast of potential pricing for services offered.

Finally, know your budget and know that you will be treated with integrity as a customer.

The Advantages of Air Freight Services

When you think of the advantages of air freight versus other methods of delivery, speed is what generally comes to mind. When it comes to delivery times, air definitely has the upper hand over shipping by truck or cargo ship. The flip side to the speed coin is the cost, however, since rising fuel costs can greatly affect the shipping charges from one week to the next.

If you work with China and need delivery of goods in USA or another countries, air freight can be the best solution, and worth the extra costs with the time savings. Shipping both inside your country’s borders and around the world, there is no limit to the locations you can reach. Most services have convenient drop off locations, or you can even schedule a pick up right at your door.

Additional charges may be incurred when shipping globally, such as export fees, customs, and other criteria set by the receiving country. A majority of air freight services offer what is known as a forwarding service, which takes care of all the legal and delivery aspects of your packages. This saves you the headache of trying to deal with foreign ports when your package arrives, and gives you tracking options so you know where your package is at all times.

Reliable transport of your cargo is yet another advantage to using air freight services from China to USA. A wide variety of air freight from China to USA options are available. Air cargo shipping is a very safe, reliable service in the hands of an experienced shipping company, so you can count on your packages to arrive on time and without incident.

Some advice for delivering sensitive products

Whenever there is a need to shipping sensitive products from China to the United States or even the whole world, there are certain precautions to be taken to ensure your items reach their destination in good condition. Since selecting the correct shipping company is very important if you need fast services, it is important that you take the appropriate steps to find services provider which satisfies the desired shipping time from China to US.

To get started, you need to find a company that will send you products. Remember, in fact most shipping companies have no know-how or specialized equipment to handle your shipments with the highest level of care.

When looking for a promising shipping company, you want to find one that has a long-standing experience in this application. Experienced shipping companies are known for the challenges of sensitive products and have specific procedures for their safe handling.

Finally, you want to ensure that the shipping company you choose offers these services at an affordable price. Thanks to the Internet, you can now easily compare quotes online to find the best shipping deals. However, do not be fooled by companies offering a low delivery price, you must ensure that the company you choose has facilities and experience for delivering goods.

With all the problems that can occur during transport, shipping time from China to US is all if you have some sensitive goods you want to send. So, make sure you choose the fastest delivery option to ensure that the goods at its ultimate goal.

Manufacturing PCB abroad a cost-effective approach

You work for a car manufacturing company and your organization has links to the company to which they bought manufactured PCBs. Your work is on the line and you must be quick to find another home for the production of printed circuit boards. It is your job to find a company that offers high quality products at a reasonable price.

On the internet, a search will give many results. Choosing one that meets all the demands of your organization will be difficult. Even more difficult will be finding a company that can offer high quality custom printed circuits at a reasonable price.

You should look for a PCB company located abroad that can provide PCB manufacturing services. The quality of the printed circuit board must be excellent and you must be able to buy it at an affordable price.

Manufacturing PCB abroad a cost-effective approach

You can search on Google to find a list of foreign companies that sell PCBs. When looking for houses with printed circuits abroad, be sure to check the type of credentials they have.

You must look for the following credentials:

  • IPC
  • Iso 9001
  • RoHs
  • UL

Also, check their website to see what equipment they use and to find out if they offer reasonable prices. For example, if the PCB manufacturing company says it offers reasonable prices, be sure to investigate why it offers a printed circuit board at an economical sale price. Normally, PCB companies can offer excellent prices because their facilities are located in a different country.

The laser-based printed circuit board (PCB) drilling machine

The design trend of printed circuit boards (PCB) for smaller features with very high densities is essential to support the rapidly growing market of high-tech products for the customer. This requires new laser processing capabilities with the use of PCB drilling machines.

The PCB drilling machines are a new generation of drilling, which makes use of the high power picosecond laser to allow high quality and higher production of blind holes in PC boards.

The PCB drilling machine uses a short pulse with high power density to quickly feed the energy in the workpiece, which causes the material to melt and vaporize. The greater the pulse energy, the more it melts and vaporizes the material. Vaporization will cause the volume of material in the punched hole to increase suddenly, creating a high pressure. This will cause the vapor pressure to eject the molten material from the orifice.

The laser-based printed circuit board (PCB) drilling machine

The PCB drilling machine must make through holes, and the blind holes must be drilled in the printed circuit board, which acts as interconnections between the layers systems. Both holes should have straight walls. Drilling by percussion with the use of UV laser is a method of choice for most PCB drills.

They achieve very high drilling rates of several thousand holes per second and can drill diameters up to 75 µm. The use of UV lasers allows drilling smaller diameters. However, these lasers are limited to only a few tens of watts of average power, which limits the speed of drilling.

Lasers have played an important role in the manufacture of PCBs and have improved PCBA manufacturing processes. A precise and stress-free PCB processing solution, UV laser cutting is especially suitable for the desquared as it completely eliminates mechanical stress.

Benefits of Resin Driveways

Inhibits weed growth

Since no water is allowed to stand and has a smooth surface, weeds do not find any space to grow in between or at the edges of the driveways at any point in time. This reduces your maintenance work to a great extent while simultaneously keeps the pristine beauty of the resin driveways intact.

No loose stones or damage

With other types of surface like loose gravel surfacing, it is quite common for particles of stones to come out loose or get washed away during rain or even while cleaning. This leads to the formation of potholes and irregular surfaces which can be especially painful for children and with kids around. However, the resin application on the driveways resists this. They make the surface impervious to movement thereby leaving everything well organized and intact every time. Thus, it becomes an ideal choice.

It’s Suds Complaint (Sustainable urban Drainage Systems)

This is a requisite laid down by the Environment Agency. It is a water management system which helps manage both flood risk and water quality. Resin bonded driveways thoroughly fulfill its requirements.

Helps curb the ‘heat island’ effect

Hard surfaces made from materials like asphalt, concrete and similar materials tend to absorb and store heat leading to a ‘heat island’ effect. In contrast, the resin surface allows the soil underneath to breathe and thereby reducing both surfaces temperature as well as the ‘heat island’ effect.

No planning permission required

Some types of driveways may necessitate a planning permission. However, you are freed of this hassle for permeable surfaces as well as for areas less than 5m2. This makes your job much easier.

Requires minimal maintenance

Constructing the driveway is never a problem. Maintaining it is always a tall task. But with resin bonded driveways, it is a smooth walk. All you need to do is periodic sweeping and an on and off power cleaning to leave it as spic and span as new.


One of the biggest advantages of the paving system is its resilience. Depending on the specification and design selected, it can easily last for a minimum of 15 years and over 20 years easily. This is a welcome relief in the inflation age of today.

Cost effective

Because it can last quite long and have little maintenance. Its repair requirement is also considerable lower than other types of paving system. Thus while it may look expensive in terms of its initial cost when compared with other paving systems, it ends up being cheaper in the long run.

Electronic Manufacturing Services in China

Many companies found electronic contract manufacturing in China does not imply to low cost manufacturing anymore. Especially in recent years direct labor cost in China is dramatically raising due to the shortage of labor in China, especially at those electronic industrial zones, caused by continuous growth of electronic contract manufacturing industry in past twenty years. The minimum wage of labor by law in China also has taken a significant effect on raising the costs of running a factory in China for original equipment manufacturing as core business. Though the overall price is still distantly lower than doing the job in north America or western European countries.
But does that mean because the price is rising, it become less attractive to do electronic contract manufacturing in China?

When you do off shore manufacturing, it’s not only the product that you are paying for. Instead you are mainly paying for the service. Services in contract electronic manufacturing means quality, flexibility, turn around time, supports, fair and honesty. Choosing an electronic contract manufacturing supplier nowadays is more important to look into their services that being provided than just price itself.

Electronic manufacturing services providers in China are not compete in price anymore but services. Good electronic contract manufacturers will have confidence to raise their price to a resonable level because they know eventually; their professional services will save you costs. They know it is not just the unit price that you are focusing on, but the whole package of services which will bring you cost saving in the supply chain hence money to the company. Those electronic contract manufacturers will more focus on studying how to improve quality, how to work more efficient with the customer as well as their own suppliers, never stop asking questions and making suggestions for improvements. Some electronic manufacturing service providers even set up an engineering team specialize on studying improvements of the product design, even though the products were designed by customers. This electronic engineering design force focuses on studying the customers product designs to make it more design for manufacturability (DFM). This kind of value added services are what the China electronic contract manufacturers competing.

Electronic manufacturing service industry in China is not in price war anymore, it’s now in war of service. Though their unit prices in dollar raised, but as long as their service and quality level raise more, means their price is in fact lowered. China manufacturing industry has stepped into next level while other countries manufacturers are still bidding at the lowest unit price.

Increase the performance of PCB with right services

PCB stands for printed circuit boards. They are a technological miracle and have also led to the development of many industries. Now you can get cheap PCBs with high quality performance from many companies around the world.

Using the state-of-the-art PCB manufacturing technology, you can now find a wide range of PCB services, including schematic capture, PCB design and panel procurement. With state-of-the-art technology and precision, we get PCBs for different applications in various industries which makes progress throughout the world. PCB manufacturers have strategic links with international leaders in this area to quickly turn PCB design.

Throughout the making of your product, PCB designers will work closely with electrical engineers and mechanical engineers to ensure that the position of the parts corresponds to the needs of the circuit. The quality of PCB design can make a difference in application, which means a high level of importance for maintaining compliance with application needs and technology standards.

Increase the performance of PCB with right services

All PCB production companies must be familiar with Gerber’s files as well as their purposes and functions. Also, to save time and money, consider engaging a trusted provider for PCB fabrication and assembly service using advanced surface mount technology. The best experts in SMT and PCB manufacturing must have experience in producing external electronic products.

Surface mounting technology is one of the methods used to assemble printed circuit board (PCB) parts. It is preferable to provide high performance and faster PCB assembly, resulting in time and money savings. Surface mount PCBs can work better with accurate installation of high frequency parts. All components are mounted and secured directly and precisely on the surface of the printed circuit board, regardless of the complexity of the design. In this way, the SMT achieves greater precision compared to other methods, such as through-hole technology.

Low cost PCB prototypes – a viable option

Thinking about getting low cost PCB prototypes? Today, you have many options to choose from when it comes to Printed Circuit Boards, Prototype PCBs, Circuit Board Prototypes, and Printed Prototypes.

When it comes to circuit board prototypes, only reputable companies can offer PCB assembly services, doing the best job for your needs. With several manufacturers offering all kinds of PCB prototypes to choose from, today there is a range of unprecedented options. As more and more people access the Internet, there is considerable interest in them online. Among the top searches related to it, are the searches such as Printed PCB and Printed Printed Prototypes.

Today, many websites offer attractive pricing options on the PCB prototype. Top sites provide online quotations for low cost PCB prototypes based on individual requirements. A quote for printed prototypes can be easily obtained in a few minutes by entering certain details such as plate size, layers, material used, mask color, minimum hole size, final finish, weld mask, final thickness, silkscreen, minimum trace or space, and silkscreen color.

Low cost PCB prototypes - a viable option

In addition to suggesting them based on the details mentioned above, prominent websites also offer the possibility of denoting preference between punctuation, tab routing and jump score. By selecting a low-cost PCB prototype, choosing a company that combines quality with reasonable costs and efficient customer service is a good way to avoid further hassles. Most of the leading companies in such prototypes offer the facility of getting PCB assembly services.

With many types of low cost PCB prototypes available today, the amount of care needed to select the best. You should always be cautious when choosing PCB assembly services to select appropriate circuit board prototypes, printed circuit board prototypes, and other similar prototypes.