Paintball Equipment

When getting into the sport of paintball, you have the opportunity to spend thousands of dollars on paintball equipment. Deciding what you need, what you want and what luxuries you can afford will help determine how much of your money will ultimately go into this enthralling sport.

First of all, you need to establish what items are essential to paintball. Most importantly, if you are actually planning to participate, you need a paintball airsoft gun. Paintball guns are commonly referred to as markers by the paintball community. Most paintball guns required compressed gas to shoot. CO2 is the most commonly used gas for paintball markers. An air tank is a requirement for paintball, without it, your gun will not fire.

Additionally, you will need ammunition. The ammunition used is simply paintballs. They are balls of paint in a paint shell. A hopper or loader of some sort is required to hold your paintballs and load them into your paintball gun.

There are a lot of safety equipment options to choose from. The only piece of equipment that is really required is a mask, or helmet, complete with goggles. This will help protect your head and face. The rest of your body is not as important to protect. However, paintballs that impact at close range can be very painful and leave extensive bruising, so overall body protection may be a good investment for some people.

If you want to keep your paintball marker running smoothly and operating for its maximum period of time, you’ll need to take the proper maintenance steps. O-rings, oil, springs, detents and sponges should all be included in your paintball marker maintenance kit. If you have an electric hopper or automatic paintball marker, you should also include extra 9 volt batteries in your maintenance kit. Electric hoppers and automatic paintball markers require 9 volt batteries to run, so carrying additional batteries will allow you to play longer if your current batteries run dry.

The basic equipment you need for paintball is limited, but can still cost a pretty penny if you want high quality, durable and reliable paintball equipment. Find out what equipment other paintballers use and what they like or dislike about their paintball equipment. Real advice from one active paintballer can be more helpful and reliable than comparing a thousand products. If possible, go to a paintball field and rent different types of paintball equipment to find which ones suit you best. Once you know your preferences, you will find it much easier to make your final purchase decision.

Safety products will help to protect you from harm. Face and Head Protection : head and face protective equipment including Hard Hats, Safety helmets, Marine Helmets, Safety Goggles, Face Shields and Visors. Terrain Helmet for all the ATV Quad Bike enthusiasts! Safety shinguards can be used to protect your lower legs from injury. Put on a pair of safety goggles to protect your eyes from harm.