Shoulder Pain – When to call the chiropractor

Most adults experience pain between the shoulder plates at some time in their lives. The pain is usually caused by minor injury although it can be very painful, especially if not attended. Stiffness and pain in the shoulder radiates around the chest in the morning making it hard to drive, sit or do computer work. People experiencing this pain should see a chiropractor for treatment. The following is a close look at how chiropractor services are beneficial for shoulder blade pain.

It is advisable to get the appropriate care for shoulder blade pain as quick as possible to resume normal activities. Additionally, ensuring your shoulder blade is treated immediately reduces the chances of the problem recurring. Chiropractic help is necessary when you aren’t sure of the cause of pain and specific treatments for the condition. Be sure to visit a chiropractor if you experience the following signs; bruising around the shoulder joints, chronic pain, swelling or bruising around the shoulder joint, inability to raise the arm or pain that recur at night or when resting.

Shoulder pain treatment options

The treatment is entirely dependent on the cause of the problem. Chiropractors diagnose the problems of their patients carefully to decide on the appropriate treatment. Self-treatment is usually not recommended without professional advice, especially if you don’t know the cause or the severity of your condition. It is also good to keep in mind that taking painkillers alone may not help your shoulder blades in the long run since the problem may recur if not treated fully.

Shoulder pain treatment procedure

Chiropractors have a standard procedure for treating shoulder blade pains. The procedure may change slightly from one chiropractor to another. The following are some of the basic and common treatment procedures;

Rest: It is usually the first treatment for most chiropractic conditions associated with shoulder pain. It involves taking a rest to make the joint rest and reduce any acute inflammation. However, the rest should be done carefully to avoid prolonged immobilization which can make the condition more complex by causing a frozen shoulder.

Heat and ice application: Heat pads and ice packs are common treatments. The chiropractor knows which parts to heat or cool to treat your condition. The patient are shown how to apply the ice packs and heat pads to continue with the treatment at home.

Stretching and exercise: The chiropractor can stretch your shoulder tendons and muscles or schedule rehabilitation exercises to overcome some causes of the pain. The decision is made depending on your condition to prevent deteriorating the pain.

Cortisone injections: They are normally considered if the pain is caused by extreme inflammation and when the above remedies fail to work. Cortisone is a strong medication that treats inflammation, which is a major cause of shoulder blade pain.

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory pain medication: It is used if the condition is caused by problems such as tendinitis, bursitis and arthritis.

It is clear that there are many approaches for treating shoulder blade pain. It is desirable for patients to visit a chiropractor for a detailed diagnosis and consequently get the right treatment.

Thousands of individuals have problem by shoulder pain. The problem most people have is how to decide on the best chiropractor’s office for their condition. Try a chiropractor directory for convenience. Simply looking at an advertisement in a newspaper or Yellow Pages won’t get you the finest practice. You must definitely take the time to interview a number of doctors before you go in for the consultation.