Roller blinds are a really great option when it comes to covering your windows. Whether for home or office, roller blinds deliver the perfect mix of economy, style, and functionality. They are arguably the most minimalist window furnishing in Melbourne, and in the right setting look ultra modern and sleek. Available in a wide range of earth tones and vibrant colors, they can be made to suit any space. If you are looking to get your hands on some roller blinds or holland blinds and want to buy from the best manufacturers in Melbourne, there are a few things you need to keep an eye out for.

How long has the company been around

Just as with any business, the amount of time they have been in operation will be a good indicator of how reliable they are, and the level of quality and service they offer. If a company has stayed around for over five years, this usually signals that they are providing a much loved service. However, this isn’t to say that new companies shouldn’t be trusted. Everyone has to start somewhere and fresh new organisations tend to be hungry to offer good deals to customers.

Tailored Service

A good dedicated blind manufacturer will generally offer a made to measure service. This means that the team can visit you on site and measure up your windows and discuss your personal requirements. It pays to have the same company doing your blinds to also be handling the entire process from start to finish. A company that goes above and beyond will not only measure, but provide you with expert guidance as to what might suit your space.

Roller Blind Options

Finally, and most importantly, you should be using a company that provides ample options for their roller blinds; allowing for you to be able to put together the exact combination you are after. Options usually include the finish type (aluminium, plain sewn pocket, scalloped), operation mechanism (spring, chain, or motorized), fabric type (screen, translucent, or blockout), and other extras like dual brackets, linked blinds, and pelmets. Having this kind of selection enables you to have a better understanding of what’s available to you.

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